In order to contribute their part to the school’s 65th   為了慶祝何東中學六十五周年校慶,選修「科技與
  Anniversary Celebration, S5 students who have taken the   生活(服裝)科」的中五級同學特意設計了一系列的服
  elective subject of Technology & Living (Fashion, Clothing &   裝,參與於2018年7月 5日(星期四)晚上舉行的「校慶晚
  Textiles) took on the challenge of designing a range of original   會」,並在取名為『巧思妙意』的時裝表演環節中親自
  dresses and modelling them for the Gala Night held on the   彩妝登場,務求把個人作品的特色及吸引力盡情發揮。
  evening of Thursday 5 July, 2018, in a fashion show entitled   同學們希望透過這次表演,在向觀眾展現創意之餘,可
  “Ingeniousness”. Through this undertaking, the students   以具體地抒發她們對學校的深厚摯情。全因這份心意,
  wanted to give a warm display of their deep affection for their   縱然縫製時間緊迫及遇上種種困難,同學們仍然無懼艱
  school, apart from impressing the audience with their creativity.   辛,全力以赴。當作品大功告成的一刻來臨時,她們心
  Because of such a desire to express their thankfulness, they   中那份滿足感和成功感實在難以言喻。晚會時裝表演期
  remained undaunted in face of a tight schedule and pressed on   間,同學們化身為艷光四射的模特兒,令台下觀眾無不
  against all kinds of obstacles. And when all the dresses were   驚豔屏息,對她們來說更屬錦上添花。
  finally finished, the sense of satisfaction and success that they  
  experienced was simply beyond words. The icing on the cake  
  came when they transformed themselves into gorgeous models  
  at the Gala Night and stunned and enthralled the audience by  
  strutting confidently down the catwalk.  
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