The "65th Anniversary Celebration Classroom Display   由公民及國民教育組主辦的「六十五周年校慶課室
  Board Design & Decoration Contest" organized by the Civic   壁報設計比賽」,獲得何東人的熱烈支持,各班群策群
  & National Education Committee, drew an enthusiastic   力,發揮創意,令每個壁報板都耀眼奪目,充分顯示同
  response from all Hotung girls. Each class made a concerted   學們對學校的愛戴。
  effort and gave full play to their creativity to ensure that the    
  display board of their classroom would be as eye-catching as  
  possible, an action which clearly demonstrates their strong  
  affection for the school.  
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