Constructed in 1952 and 1958 respectively, the Main   組成何東中學校園的正校和分校分別於1952年及
  Building and the Annexe Building, which together form the   1958年建成,多年來提供優良的環境,培育過一代又一
  campus of our school, have been a superb nurturing ground   代的「何東人」。它們彌漫著的濃厚歷史感深深吸引本
  for generations of Hotung girls. Fascinated by the strong sense   校陳志強老師,驅使他進行追本溯源的探索,並於早前
  of history that permeate them, one of our teachers, Mr Chan   一個短講中與同學們分享校舍超過半世紀的種種變化。
  Chi-keung, carried out research into their origin and the    
  changes that have taken place over the years and earlier    
  shared what he has learnt with the study body in a lunchtime    
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