Our school’s many swimmers had a field day at this school   本學年的『六十五周年校慶水運會』已於2017年
  year’s 65th Anniversary Swimming Gala held on Thursday 14   12月14日(星期四) 順利舉行,場地一如往年為維多利亞
  December, 2017, as they splashed around in the water at the   公園游泳池。本校眾多泳手有機會大顯身手,當然全力
  Victoria Park Swimming Pool and did their very best to outdo   以赴,務求擊退對手,捧走獎盃。與此同時,六社啦啦
  their peers and come out on top. At the same time, the cheering   隊亦全面發揮她們激勵人心的魔力,引領看台上的觀眾
  teams worked their magic and fired up the spectators.   熱情投入賽事。
  Overall Class Championship (Senior Grade) : 6B   班際總冠軍(高級組):六乙
  Overall Class Championship (Junior Grade) : 1C   班際總冠軍(初級組):一丙
  House Championship (Grade A) : Diligence   社際總冠軍(甲組):勤社
  House Championship (Grade B) : Diligence   社際總冠軍(乙組):勤社
  House Championship (Grade C) : Loyalty   社際總冠軍(丙組):忠社
  Overall House Championship : Diligence   社際全場總冠軍:勤社
  Best Cheering Team : Courtesy   啦啦隊冠軍:禮社
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