The student officials of the Interact Club were very eager   新一屆的扶輪少年服務團幹事團希望幫助中一師妹
  to help their fellow S1 schoolmates to be integrated into the   盡早融入何東中學的大家庭、加深對學校的認識及建立
  closely-knit community of Hotung Secondary School, to gain   對母校的歸屬感,同時亦希望與她們分享校慶的喜悅,
  better knowledge of this well-established institution and to   因此特別於9月15日的全方位學習時段籌辦了一個名為
  develop a sense of belonging to their alma mater. In addition,   『校慶65項鐵人賽』的活動。一百二十位多位中一同學
  the Interactors were also keen to share with their junior form   需要面對多達六十五項的考驗,包括回答問題、組合拼
  counterparts the joy of the school’s 65th anniversary   圖、蒙眼尋物、看錄像認人等,由於遊戲形式和內容均
  celebration.  To this end, they organized an activity entitled   新奇趣怪,人人有份參與,又充滿團隊合作的機會,同
  “65-athlon for S1 Girls” at the OLE/HLP session on Friday 15   學們都玩得盡興,並全程積極投入,歡笑聲不絕,正校
  September, during which the 120-plus S1 students had to   禮堂洋溢著愉快的氣氛。
  tackle up to 65 challenges, including answering questions,    
  assembling jigsaw puzzles, finding items while blindfolded,  
  making an identification after viewing video clips, etc.  As both  
  the format and content of the games were novel and fun, and  
  as the process ensured the participation of each individual  
  while allowing ample opportunities for teamwork, it was no  
  wonder that all the S1 girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves,  
  and their active participation from start to finish, as well as  
  their unceasing laughter, created a mirthful atmosphere in the  
  Main Hall.  
  The climax of the function was a group rendition by all   活動的高潮環節是四班齊聲合唱六十五周年校慶勵
  four classes of the 65th anniversary inspirational song   志歌「壯志『雌』心何東人」(Hotung Girls Aim Big &
  Hotung Girls Aim Big & High. All the S1 students, filled with   High)。中一同學們帶著熱情興奮的心情引吭高歌,歌聲
  passion and excitement, belted out the lyrics. The youthful   流露出動人的朝氣和自信,亦顯現了她們奮發求進的決
  vigour and confidence that emanated from their singing also   心。
  revealed their determination to aspire for ever-higher heights  
  in their studies and personal growth.  
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