With their teachers’ whole-hearted support and the   本校一群熱愛音樂的同學喜獲老師的全力支持,同
  collaboration of a number of students from Salesian English   時又得到多位來自慈幼英文學校的學生衷誠協作,決定
  School, a contingent of music-loving Hotung girls decided to   大膽接受挑戰,把浪漫感人的經典故事《美女與野獸》
  take on the huge challenge of bringing the romantic and heart-   搬上舞台,作為於2018年7月5日(星期四)舉行的「六十
  warming tale of Beauty & the Beast to life on the stage for the   五周年校慶晚會」的壓軸節目。她們多個星期的緊密練
  65th Anniversary Gala Night held on the evening of Thursday 5   習和綵排果然沒有白費,演出精采絕倫,令處身於上環
  July, 2018, as the centrepiece of the programme. And much to   文娛中心劇院的觀眾目不暇給、陶醉其中,極盡視聽之
  their satisfaction, their weeks of intense preparation and   娛!令到這趟大型製作更添魅力和華麗的元素,就是由
  rehearsal paid off handsomely, when the entire cast gave a   本校榮休老師王羅麗琨女士設計及縫製的多套精美戲
  wonderful performance at the Theatre of Sheung Wan Civic   服,凸顯故事的童話色彩及璀璨瑰麗的背景,叫觀眾眼
  Centre and succeeded in amusing and captivating the audience.   前一亮,讚不絕口。
  What added to the glamour and magic of the outsize production  
  was the large number of beautiful costumes made by the  
  legendary Mrs Ada Wong, one of our retired and beloved  
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