The Hotung girl images specially created for the school’s   校方日前正式公佈何東中學六十五周年校慶的「何
  65th anniversary celebration was earlier unveiled officially.   東人」圖像,作品出自五丙班羅琬萊同學的手筆,亮相
  Drawn by Catherine Law from class 6D, it has received warm   後廣獲老師同學的讚賞與好評。
  appreciation and earned high praise from both teachers and    
  fellow schoolmates.    
  Let us take an appreciative look at the different Hotung   讓我們一起欣賞在這兩個學年由同學們創作的不同
  girl images created by our students in these two school years :   「何東人」圖像:
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