"Top Teen Team Challenge" is an annual whole form   「Top Teen成長挑戰賽」是中三學生熱切期盼的級
  activity that all S3 students eagerly look forward to. Jointly   際活動,由公民及國民教育組、訓導組、輔導組及學
  organized by the Civic & National Education Committee, the   校社工攜手協辦,目的在於提升學生的合作性、解難
  Discipline Committee, the Guidance & Counselling Committee   能力及自信。本學年挑戰賽的舉行日期為10月13日(星
  as well as our school social workers, it aims to enhance our girls’   期五),過程輕鬆熱鬧及充滿趣味性,其中一個令同學
  cooperation, problem-solving capability and self-confidence. The   雀躍的環節就是在15分鐘的時限內合力完成拼砌祝賀
  event for the current school year was held on Friday 13 October,   母校六十五周年校慶的字句形狀HT65 (即 Ho Tung
  and it featured a challenge which the S3 participants took up with   65)。當日全體中三級同學十分合作和投入,擔任指導
  glee, namely forming the 65th anniversary celebratory message   的同學更發揮領導才能,充分顯示她們對母校的摯
  HT65 with their bodies within 15 minutes. All of them worked   愛,表現令老師非常感動和欣賞。
  closely as a team while those who supervised their fellow  
  schoolmates also displayed fine leadership qualities, which goes  
  to show how much they love their mother school. The teachers  
  and social workers present were hugely impressed and touched  
  by the girls’ outstanding performance.  
  Let us enjoy the beautiful 'works' of the other Hotung girls :   讓我們一起欣賞其他「何東人」的精采作品:
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